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I should state right out of the chute, this was my first meeting of the EBS. I walked in not knowing what to expect or even what the meetings were about.  I "did" have my own agenda in mind and that was to meet others that had experience in home brewing  or knew people that did.

Now regarding the beers that were sampled: truthfully the first beer was not something i would seek out (this is only because i tend towards IPA's and Stouts...) i did enjoy it but i don't think it would be a regular stock in my frig. The second beer (the cloudy one) was quite pleasant. I liked the hint of lemon (citrus) and the little "bite" it had. That was more towards  my liking, and i would definitely stock up on it.

I have say it was A GREAT TIME! And a big "Thank You" to the people i met, i got so much information, and i want to give a special shout out  to the member that bought me a Yuengling at the end, I owe you one! All in all i look forward to the next meeting!!



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