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Greetings fellow beer fans!

As one of the founding members and enthusiasts of this great organization I wanted to share some very cool stuff with you as we near our one-year anniversary...

  • We started with about twenty beer fans and now we're pushing the 600-member mark.
  • The last couple of meetings we've averaged an attendance of 70 members.
  • Our personal beer menus have been expanded upon with 13 different brews at 12 different Erie locales.
  • 40 Erie Beer Society t-shirts have been given out as prizes.
  • 1,875,329 ounces of sample beer have been drunk (or something close!)
  • 872 pieces of bacon were served at the last meeting.
  • I've added 13 new facebook friends!

I'd really like to thank everyone at the Erie Beer Company - they are truly wonderful to work with each month bringing you the best beer they can find. We simply could not do this without them.

We're looking forward to an exciting second year of Erie Beer Society events as I'm sure you all are. As always if you have any suggestions for our happy group please let me know. And don't forget to RSVP if you'll be joining us for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY on Thursday, December 16th.

May the beer be with you!


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Comment by Shannon Warchol on December 10, 2010 at 3:17pm

Thanks Jeff and everyone who spends time coordinating the events. I really enjoy them and glad Erie has yet another way for me to get my beer on. Thanks!

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