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I had an opportunity to go to the Kelley’s Island Brewery last week with a group of WQLN members and really enjoyed it – which (I guess) isn’t saying much, I seem to enjoy every Brewery that I go to - probably because they are all so different.

Kelley’s is run by Patti Johnson, who is very friendly and very welcoming.

The brewery is totally laid back. It’s located on the south shore of the big US Lake Erie Island. Kelley’s Island is pretty much a bicycle only island. There are no franchises restaurants or big box stores. The town looks and feels like a Cape May New Jersey or a Fort Niagara with out all the gingerbread.

The brewery offers 4 kinds of ales. When we were there they were pouring two - Summer Haze and Anglers Ale. Summer Haze is promoted for the lite beer drinker. It has a crisp clean taste with a bit of a surprise after taste of orange peel. I thought the Anglers Ale was the more interesting. It’s made in the style of an English bitters. It has a hint of hop and a nice “bite” in its after taste. There is nothing complex about either of the beers - they are made for summer. Both are preservative fee and both have a very fresh taste. Best of all the ABV for each is only 4.5, which means you can still enjoy your day after a healthy tasting.

The reason to go to Kelley’s is for the view. Food and drink are served on the lawn overlooking Lake Erie. The views are of the lake and the distent coastline of Ohio. Seating is in Adirondack chairs – really a heavenly experience. Sunsets must be amazing. Here is a link to their web

Kelleys Island Brewery
504 W Lakeshore Dr,

Kelleys Island, OH 43438
(419) 746-2314‎

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